A Cooperative Vision For Community Revitalization

A Cooperative Vision For Community Revitalization

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A Cooperative Vision for Community Revitalization

I believe most people would agree that the majority of the efforts to revitalize a community are short lived and easily abused. Government creates a program with all good intentions. People, both good and not so good, realize advantage from the program. Business owners, both good and not so good, profit from the project. Ultimately change takes place that ranges anywhere from a face lift to real lasting improvement to an area of a given city. In the final analysis there is a significant expense to city, county, state or federal government which limits the overall resources for building and maintaining public infrastructure.

Over the years I see a common thread in community development worldwide. When we the people leave it to the government to resolve our distress it is less meaningful, not as productive and often rewards individuals that are not worthy of such rewards.

I don’t believe charity is a recipe for community. Cooperative sound business decisions can help individuals in need more effectively than any charitable action. If I give a family in need a $100,000 home I do them a disservice. The first year they might already struggle paying the utilities, the second year they will definitely struggle paying the taxes and when maintenance is needed the game is over. If on the other hand I create for them meaningful employment then build a new home or renovate an old home that I sell to them on a lease with buy option plan, several positive processes are in place. Meaningful employment is essential for each individual’s well being. A home to call your own that you can now afford is a second key ingredient in a family’s attitude in society. Many more positives come to mind but let me summarize like this. Everybody wins. The community gains a new or renewed home that raises the property values and creates a desire in each homeowner to revitalize their home. The contractors hired by a “for profit” businessman to build or renew a home gain steady good work. The banker gets a shot at it a few years down the road. And last but not least government gains a better tax base to reinvest into public infrastructures. I’m not sure I bought into everything I was taught in college about “supply side economics” but at this level it makes all the sense in the world.

So here is my challenge for the people of the city of Warsaw. Our city is currently “run down”. The quantity of homes needing revitalized is about equal to those that are good. The task seems massive and if left to the government it is not possible. To put the burden on individual homeowners by means of enforcing rules and regulations will only create more vacant lots on which it is not affordable to build a quality structure. I think I am correct in stating that our community has weathered the real estate storm like no other community in the state of Indiana. Unfortunately our city does not reflect this economic stability in the condition of its homes. Let’s “we the people” take it into our own hands and cooperatively revitalize our community. Whoever you are, whatever it is that you do, I am certain that it can play into this effort. This is not charity, this is business. Your talents, business, ideas and products will play an important role in this endeavor. I have yet to find a profession or position that does not somehow play a part in Community Revitalization.

Let’s do this together. Whatever your needs are or whatever you have to offer to resolve needs let’s talk.

You can contact me on my website www.HPHomeRescue.com or call me at 574-453-8470. Even if you think you are in competition with me because you are currently involved in rehabbing, let’s talk. We aren’t competition, we’re both in the same business and neither of us can do it all so therefore we need each other to get the task accomplished.

The task is bigger than Warsaw but let’s start with our own home and then move on to our neighbors, our state, our nation.

Alan Hoyt

HP Home Rescue, LLC “revitalizing the community one house at a time”

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